NFN Videos


Curious about what we do here at the NFN?  Interviews with cultural community members are a vital component of our cultural encounter trunks.  Check out the following videos to see some clips from our upcoming Sudanese trunk!



NFN Podcasts

Click on the titles below to hear NFN's series of podcasts!  In anticipation of our forthcoming trunk on the Sudanese, we are creating a series of podcasts to present some interesting aspects of Sudanese culture, relating them to Nebraskan culture whenever we can. 

Calling the Rain: Farming Rituals in Nebraska and South Sudan

What's one thing that the farming traditions of Nebraska and South Sudan have in common?  If you guessed "rainmaking" from the title of this podcast, well, you're probably right!  Don't believe me?  Listen to our podcast and find ou.....

A Sense of Home: From Sudan to Nebraska

Thousands of refugees from Sudan live right here in Nebraska, more than in any other place outside Sudan. For many of them, their journey from a country torn by civil war to life in a strange new country with a completely different culture has bee.....

Powered by Imagination: Toys and Games from Sudan

Get ready for a lesson in creativity from Sudanese youth!  This podcast is a tribute to the incredible imagination and resourcefulness of kids.  Former refugee Sief Mahagoub tells us a little about his childhood and teaches us how to mak.....