All seven of the NFN's multi-media cultural education trunks are available to check out free of charge from our program partner Humanities Nebraska. All trunks include a teachers manual, audio or audio visual interviews with excerpts, music CDs, books, maps of the area(s) at focus, tradtional clothing, timelines, and handicrafts from the group(s) at focus.

Simply email or call:

Mary Yager, Humanities Nebraska


If you have any questions concerning the content of the trunks or about the work we do, please give us a call or email:

Nebraska Folklife Network



Here's what's available:

Mexican Americans in Nebraska

From the Steppes to the Plains: Nebraska's Germans from Russia

Välkommen Till Nebraska: Nebraska’s Swedish Americans

Children of the Dragon, Citizens of the Plains: Nebraska's Vietnamese Americans

This House is Yours: Nebraska's Iraqi Americans

Shamrocks on the Prairie: Nebraska’s Irish Americans

Home in the Heartland: Nebraska's Sudanese Cultures