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Home in the Heartland: Nebraska’s Sudanese Cultures

1 Teacher’s Guide: (in Notebook - 102 pages + handout masters & appendix) Contents: 12 lesson plans, handout masters and an appendix of reference materials.

1 Image Packet: (in plastic folder) Contents: a two-part history timeline and 40 other laminated sheets of photographs, maps, drawings, etc. Details are on a list of images in the packet and on the backs of the images.


  • Traditional Clothing - Each kit has 1 man’s and one woman’s outfit.

1 man’s two-piece cotton tie-dyed outfit representing male clothing in South Sudan,

1 woman’s outer robe called a tobe (pronounced “toeb”) Consists of 5 yards of cloth, artfully wrapped over an underdress and also covering the head. Most often worn by women in the Muslim North but also seen in the Nuba Mountains and other regions.

  • Flags – each kit has 2 flags. The flag of South Sudan has a black stripe, then a red stripe between two narrow white stripes and then a green stripe. The stripes are overlaid on the left by a blue triangle with a yellow star on it. The North Sudan flag has red, white and black stripes overlaid with a green triangle on the left.
  • Other Items

1 T shirt commemorating South Sudan’s independence

1 coiled basket similar to those made and used in Sudan

1 child - sized prayer rug such as would be used by Muslim Sudanese.

Audio Media:

1 CD – The Rough Guide to the Music of Sudan, which includes a variety of music from both South and North Sudan

1 enhanced CD – Traditional Ma’di Music of Southern Sudan and Northern Uganda. This recording has a larger sample of music from one tribe of South Sudan. The enhancement includes a great deal of cultural information, maps, translations of songs, etc. Donated by Co-producer Troyd Geist, North Dakota’s state folklorist

Video Media:

                        3 DVDs of video interviews organized by person interviewed

6 DVDs of video interview excerpts organized by the lesson plans in which they are most relevant

1 DVD Lost Boys of Sudan – award winning documentary of two teenage refugees and their experiences in coming to the U.S.

1 DVD Lokoya Dance July 4 and 5, 2010 Lincoln NE, USA – traditional dances of the Lokoya Tribe of South Sudan as performed at a celebration in Lincoln. Donated by Samuel Loliwa, who was interviewed for this kit and is a member of the Lokoya Tribe.


                        Picture Books

Brothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan by Mary Williams

My Name is Sangoel by Karen Lynn Williams and Khadra Mohammed

                        Other Books

Cleaned the Crocodile’s Teeth: Nuer Song, translated by Terese Svoboda

Lost Boy, Lost Girl: Escaping Civil War in Sudan, by Jon Bul Dau and Martha Arual Akech

The Lost Boys of Natinga: A School for Sudan’s Young Refugees by Judy Walgren

What is the What: A novel by Dave Eggers (NOTE: This award- winning novel is also more suitable for older students.)