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Shamrocks on the Prairie: Nebraska’s Irish Americans

By the Nebraska Folklife Network Inc., Lincoln NE © 2011

Manual (in Notebook)

  • Teachers Guide (90-100 pages) Contains 12 lesson plans, 4th and 8th grade NE educational standards addressed, handout masters and an appendix of reference materials.

Photos and other Images

  • Image Packet (Contains a two-part Irish history timeline, and 41 other images, including photographs, drawings, maps, etc. Details are on a list of images in the packet and on the backs of the images.)


  • Traditional Clothing – both larger and smaller sizes of each item are included for two complete girl’s outfits and two complete boy’s outfits. Velcro fasteners and elastic make putting them on easier. The outfits are modeled after 19th century dress of the common people, but are not authentic copies of the traditional dress of any particular Irish region.

    Girl’s Outfits each consisting of a light green blouse with shamrock embroidery, a dark green laced vest and a green and white checked full skirt. 

    girl’s green plaid stole for wearing over the shoulder, usually fastened with a pin or brooch. 

    Boy’s Outfits each consisting of a light brown shirt, a brown plaid vest and dark brown knickers. (Knickers would have been worn with thick wool knee socks in 19th century Ireland.)

    1 “newsboy” style wool boy’s cap similar to ones worn in Ireland
  • Irish Flag (24 x 36 inch)
  • 1 stuffed leprechaun doll made in Ireland
  • 1 talking stuffed leprechaun toy
  • 1 “Éirinn go Brách” (Ireland Forever) wood plaque
  • 1 “Blarney Spoken Here” wood sign
  • necklace of plastic shamrocks
  • 5 Assorted paper shamrock decorations

Audio Media

  • Celtic Dances: Jigs and Reels from Ireland
    Easy Disk CD 9010, 1998, Rounder Records, Cambridge, MA
    Seventeen traditional instrumental dance tunes from various well known Irish American musicians
  • Ellis Island (Mick Doyle and David Marsh)
    The Whole Shebang, CD, 2005, Ellis Island Records, Omaha NE, Ballads, dance tunes and pub songs from the Omaha duo.
  • O’Keeffe, Terrence (Terry Keefe) 
    Celtic Awakening, CD, 2008, Prairie Dog Music, Lincoln NE, Traditional fiddle tunes and ballads from Terry Keefe of the Lincoln Irish American band Paddywack.
  • Excerpts from interview with James P. Cavanaugh, an Omaha attorney who is also a specialist in the history of the Irish in Omaha and in NE. He discusses that history and his Omaha Irish American family. CD
  • Excerpts from interview with Mick Doyle, an Omaha Irish musician and martial arts studio owner, who immigrated to Nebraska in 1986 from Dublin Ireland. He discusses his family and ethnic heritage, music and kickboxing studio. CD
  • Excerpts from interview with Mary Deane Howard, a longtime Omaha Irish traditional dancer and teacher who emigrated to the U.S. in 1956 from Cork City, County Cork, Ireland. She discusses her memories of growing up in Ireland, immigration experience and Irish dancing. CD
  • Excerpts from interview with Edward, Patricia and Kelly McGovern, a Lincoln Irish American family with a three generation history of working for the BNSF Railroad. They discuss that history and their Irish heritage. CD

Video Media

  • Celtic Feet, 2007, A video with examples of Irish dancing and instructions for learning steps. Wienerworld Limited, Stanmore, England, (DVD 55 min.)
  • Out of Ireland: The Story of Irish Emigration to America , 1997, A history of Irish immigration to the U.S aimed at an adult audience. View in segments for younger students Shanachie Entertainment Corporation, Newton, NJ (DVD 95 min.)


  • Blashfield, Jean F.
    Ireland, Enchantment of the World Second Series, 2002, Children’s Press, New York, (A book on Ireland’s history, economics and culture for young people.)
  • Garland, Michael.
    King Puck, 2007, Harper Collins, New York, NY (A story inspired by the Puck Festival in Ireland)
  • Green, Yuko, Kathleen from Ireland Sticker Paper Doll, or Tierney, Tom Little Irish Girl Paper Doll, Dover Little Activity Books Paper Dolls, Dover Publications, Mineola, NY
  • Ireland (Éire) – Road map of Ireland, 2006, Borch, Worthsee, Germany
  • Irish Fun Food and Crafts, 2009, Publications International Ltd., Lincolnwood, IL
  • Krull, Kathleen, ed
    A Pot O’ Gold: A Treasury of Irish Stories, Poetry, Folklore and (of Course) Blarney, 2004, Hyperion Books, New York, NY (This book includes not only folk tales but also limericks, poetry by well known Irish authors, traditional song lyrics, folk remedies for illnesses and more.) 
  • Loughrey, Eithne
    Annie Moore, The Golden Dollar Girl, (Paperback) 2000, Mercier Press, Dublin, Ireland (Fictional story about a real person who was the first immigrant to go through Ellis Island. The fictional story takes place mostly in Nebraska!)
  • Mladen, Davidovic 
    Irish/English English/Irish Dictionary and Phrasebook (Paperback, 13th printing) 2009, Hippocrene Books, New York, NY
  • Stein, W, (Illustrations by Grossman, Swanberg, Anderson and Conkle)
    A Coloring Book of Ancient Ireland (8th and 9th Century books of Durrows and Kells.) 2000, Bellerophon Books, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Talbott, Hudson
    O'Sullivan Stew (Picture Puffins Paperback), 2001, Puffin Books, New York, NY (A smart Irish girl saves her family members and her town by telling clever tales. Has wonderfully detailed pictures and includes assorted Irish fairies and other supernatural creatures.)