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Välkommen Till Nebraska: Nebraska’s Swedish Americans

By the Nebraska Folklife Network Inc., Lincoln NE © 2006

Manual (in Notebook)

  • Teachers Guide (90-100 pages) Contains 12 lesson plans, 4th and 8th grade NE educational standards addressed, handout masters and an appendix of reference materials.

Photos and other Images

  • Image Packet (Contains a two-part timeline, and 51 other images, including photographs, drawings, maps, etc. Details are on a list of images in the packet and on the backs of the images.)


  • Traditional Clothing – both larger and smaller sizes of each item are included for two complete girl’s outfits and two complete boy’s outfits. Velcro fasteners and elastic make them easier to put on. The outfits are modeled after traditional Scandinavian dress, but are not authentic copies of the traditional dress of any one particular Swedish region.

    Girl’s Outfits consist of a white blouse with lace, a red laced vest that fastens with Velcro in the back, a blue skirt, and a white apron with braid trim. 

    Boy’s Outfits have a white shirt trimmed with braid, a red vest with metal buttons, and dark navy knickers. The knickers are worn with thick knee socks in Sweden.

Other Objects

  • 1 12 x 18 inch Swedish Flag
  • 1 small wooden and cardboard Swedish flag decoration
  • 3 assorted Dala Horses. 1 undecorated from Sweden and two handmade and hand painted by the Schrock family of Oakland NE.
  • 1 wooden Tomten (Swedish brownie or elf) figure from Sweden.
  • 1 pair of dolls in Swedish national costumes from Sweden
  • julbock (straw Christmas goat), a traditional Swedish Christmas decoration
  • straw heart traditional Swedish holiday decoration
  • jar of seasoning for Swedish rye bread. Recipe from Mrs. Jerlene Nielsen, Stromsburg NE is in the recipe handout.

Audio Media

  • Fett Me Sylt (A trio of traditional musicians from Sweden)
    Den Dansande Tändstickslädan, Audio CD, 2005, Göteborg (Gothenberg) Sweden
    Five selections of traditional Swedish social dance music played on accordion and fiddles. #’s 1, 3, 4, and 5 are all versions of the polska, the most unique traditional dance of Sweden. # 2 is a vals (waltz).
  • Swedish Ring Dances for Midsummer and Christmas with Dance Instructions in English by Karen and Per-Olof “Perry” Karlsson, 1997, Norsemen Enterprises, Costa Mesa, CA
  • Excerpts from interview with Stan and Joan Carlson of Lincoln about Stan’s Swedish heritage. Audio Cassette
  • Excerpts from interview with Carol Johnson Reed of Lincoln about her Swedish heritage. Audio Cassette
  • Excerpts from interview with Grace Schrock of Oakland about her Swedish painting and crafts. Audio Cassette

Video Media

  • Questar, Inc 
    Sweden Nordic Treasure, 1991 (VHS 53 minutes) International Video Network, San Ramon, CA
  • Master Communications, Inc.
    Families of Sweden, Families of the World Series, 2001, Master Communications, Cincinnati, OH


  • Scandinavia – Road map of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, 1999, Cartographia, Budapest, Hungary
  • Food Favorites of the “Swede Capital” of Nebraska, Fifth Edition, 1983, (Spiral-bound) Community of Stromsburg NE
  • Asala, Joanne
    Swedish Proverbs, 1994, (Paperback), Penfield Press, Iowa City, IA
  • Berlitz
    Swedish-English Dictionary, 1995, (Paperback), Berlitz Publishing – Singapore Branch, Singapore
  • Butler, Robbie
    Nations of the World: Sweden, 2001, Steck-Vaughn,  Austin TX
  • Fast, April and Thomas, Keltie
    Sweden the Culture, 2004, (Paperback), Crabtree Publishing Company, New York, NY
  • Holmquist, Thomas N.
    Bluestem, 2000, (Paperback), Dry Creek Press, Smolan KS
  • Hoobler, Dorothy and Thomas
    The Scandinavian American Family Album, 1997, Oxford University Press, New York, NY
  • Ingeborg, Helen
    How to Make a Swedish Christmas!, 1997, (Paperback), Pinstripe Publishing, Sedro-Woolley, WA
  • Lagerlöf, Selma
    The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, 1991, Fourth Printing 2001, Skandisk, Bloomington MN
  • Lindgren, Astrid
    The Tomten, 1997, (Paperback), Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers, New York NY
  • Sevig, Kirsten
    Sweden Coloring Book, 2003, (Paperback), Skandisk, Inc., Bloomington MN
  • Wilson, Jim
    Stromsburg Stomp (The Stromsburg Swede Song), Music and Lyrics 1962, Polk NE