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Calling the Rain: Farming Rituals in Nebraska and South Sudan


What's one thing that the farming traditions of Nebraska and South Sudan have in common?  If you guessed "rainmaking" from the title of this podcast, well, you're probably right!  Don't believe me?  Listen to our podcast and find out!

Featuring excerpts from first-person interviews with:

  • Allan Danbom, Hemingford, NE
  • Dech Machar, Lincoln, NE
  • Kuoth Bayak, Omaha, NE
  • Samuel Loliwa, Lincoln, NE

With special thanks to: the Fusion Project of Lincoln, the South Sudan Community Association of Omaha (SSCA), the Lokoya Community in North America (LOCONA) of Lincoln, and folk musician Bill Behmer.

(Full transcript of podcast available upon request)