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Mission & History

Our Vision

Founded in 2003, the Nebraska Folklife Network (NFN) is a nonprofit arts and humanities organization that serves as the state’s public folk and traditional arts program. Our mission is to foster, sustain, and increase awareness of Nebraska's living cultural heritage. The focus is on educating the people about the rich diversity that exists in our state and how we’re all part of it. We identify and support traditional artists, host and attend cultural events, and share with the public a multitude of cultural expressions that exist in Nebraska. Our flagship program is the creation of cultural education trunks that educators in any way can check out for free from our program partner Humanities Nebraska. Humans have a knack for passing on traditions, new and old, so please share with us what you’ve been up to!

Folklife covers such a rich array of traditions that it can be hard to describe in a few sentences. In short, folklife is handed-down culture. The NFN prefers to call folklife the ways in which a culture (or any other folk group) expresses itself and its traditions and values. All of us have some forms of folklife and it’s one of the earliest and most powerful ways that children learn to function in their own culture. Likewise it can be an easy, yet very powerful, way for everyone to understand and accept other cultures and their different ways of life. That’s why what the NFN does is highly important to Nebraska and Nebraskans.